Low(ering) GWP

  • Low(ering) GWP
  • Seen from a global perspective, the tendency of the industry is to move increasingly toward natural refrigerant solutions when it is technologically safe & economically feasible. Synthetic refrigerants are still likely to play an important role in both the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, where the trend is also moving toward new low-GWP substances that cause a minimal environmental impact.

    Refrigerants having a modest GWP can be sufficient for bringing down emissions. According to the IPCC 5th report, R32 has a GWP of 677 and is a valid substitute for R410A with a GWP of about 1900 thus lowering the impact by 1/3 or even more as the volumetric efficiency is higher than R410A. Another example is the substitution of R404A with R407A or R407F. Here a 50% reduction in GWP is achieved basically at the same efficiency.

    These alternatives are lowering the emission considerably while at the same time offering a pragmatic solution, maybe not for ever but at least as a temporary solution.


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